Freedom of the Spiritual Warrior from Human Domestication

Socrates used to say, “The opinions of the masses are as foolish as children’s monsters”.

 The Keys to Creating Reality

  As we have seen so far in society these days in the 21 century… we are living in a highly chaotic world that seems to be moving faster and faster each year with technological developments seemingly out pacing our ability to understand or use them, especially when two thirds of the world’s population does not yet own a telephone and half live on two dollars a day. Surviving rapid change requires one to be flexible in body and mind… an Analogical mind and body. We need to change the way we think, the way we act and what we take for granted in our lives. We need to look at becoming a Peaceful Warrior and battle our own worst enemy, our personality that is hooked in to society and is product of its upbringing. In seeking the freedom of the Spiritual Warrior from the domestication of human beings we free our selves from the Money Game and society’s obsession of consumerism and financial debt that is sucking the life-force energy out of its people.

We must take back our life-force energy, our power, by taking total responsibility for our past and total control of our future by living in the moment that controls all our power from within. This is only done by being a peaceful warrior struggling to become the spiritual being that he once was that is now having an all too human experience on planet earth. He becomes the observer in his life watching his emotional temper tantrums and manipulations as they happen and ‘as the observer’ is horrified by his behavior. The Spiritual Warrior aligns himself with the observer   to learn and see what the personality is really doing in life on auto-pilot; out of control in an accelerating world and that it needs a programmer in the pilot’s seat to guide the body away from destruction.

You see, we are having a human experience caught in a web of intensely physical orgasmic emotions of pain and suffering, joy and religious ecstasy that we are willing to kill for if they are not satisfied; this is what is grounding us to this earthly plane of demonstration. We believe the illusion we collectively have created is real, but do not “Know” that we are spiritual beings in ‘Material Garments’ here to make known the unknown in life. The spiritual being in the human body is submerged beneath a dominate personality that feeds on the first, second and third seal in the body, survival, pain and power. We are like the firebird wanting to take flight but we have grounded our electro-spiritual energy in the earth dissipating our life force in the illusion of reality and commerce and like the firebird (the phoenix) at the end of life, we burst into flames, turning the body into ashes (cremation) once more. It takes a Spiritual Warrior to summon the will and
focus to become the Phoenix once more rising up from the ashes restoring our electro-spiritual energy so that we may rise up from the earth to float amongst  the clouds like the gods of old.
It is our awareness of our potential divinity and our focus on it that creates this reality because our mind connects to this consciousness, this higher frequency that creates a moving electrostatic force that is out of phase with and repels gravity so that we may fly high like the firebird, free.

To learn why we need to become spiritual warriors in life we turn to world renowned Physicist Peter Russell, author of the now famous book, “The Global Brain” (published in 1983). He foresaw the entire pace of human existence accelerating as we approached the new millennium, bringing us to a point of unity, and providing a panoramic perspective on the relationship between the state of the planet and our state of mind.  Peter Russell wrote that humanity has reached a crossroads in its evolutionary path. “Computers, satellites, fiber optics, video recorders and other technology are the catalysts linking our planet into one, worldwide community – a ‘global brain’. This technology, combined with a rapidly growing human potential movement, is helping to create a collective consciousness that is humanity’s only hope of saving it from itself”. However, Russell warns if we continue on our current path of greed and destruction, humanity will serve only as a planetary cancer. Russell has emphasized that all our crises, at their root, are a crisis of consciousness.

“We have viewed ourselves as separate beings, living disconnected lives in the face of unrelated challenges. The illusion that happiness could be found in the world outside us has led us to tear up the landscape in a mad search for paradise. The result has been that our social structures bear an undeniable resemblance not only to the human brain but also to a cancerous growth in the way that they have devastated the body of the planet. The writing is on the wall. If we are to navigate our way safely through these critical times we have to mature inwardly. Why do we feel so insecure? Why do we want to feel we are in control of things? We must discover how to move beyond this egocentric phase in our development. And fast. The essence of spirituality is the search to know our true selves, to discover the real nature of consciousness. This quest has been the foundation of all the great spiritual teachings, and the goal of all the great mystics.”

All our crises, at their root, are crises of consciousness, this is the reason for our  desire and need today to become Peaceful Warriors to learn how to get in-touch with our deeper selves, our true selves- “the spirit within”. The only way to get in touch with the spirit within is to be in the present moment the “Now”, a higher level of consciousness that brings us out of body-mind consciousness that we use to tend to the needs of the body i.e. feeding cleaning, propagation and protection. We spend 90% of our time in body-mind consciousness just paying the bills for our basic survival needs of the body. To get in-touch with spirit we have to be in the Now moment of Analogical Mind, a level and frequency of consciousness that develops over time the more it is used and expanded. You build your mind like you would build muscle in the body over time. What you put in your mind to build it is just as important as what you put in your body to build it into a world class body builder but the muscles of the mind are more like that of an electrical current in a battery. If you increase the voltage in your mind you can power your watch and tell the time, if you further increase the voltage you can power your laptop computer and surf the internet for the time anywhere in the world. The great thing about the mind is that it can create a virtual computer in its analogical mind and surf its own internet and find answers to things that are not even thought of or invented yet today and bring them into existence. Analogical Mind creates a resonant energy field around the body, a Pure Consciousness, a higher frequency of thought acting upon the brain creating mind. Your brain does not create thoughts any more than a radio creates the music it plays but is a receiver of thought like the radio tuning into your favorite station.
Analogical Mind is a powerful enough frequency of thought acting upon the brain to cause it to levitate, become invisible and move to the next dimension and level of consciousness.

Learning the Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven… 

It is time for the female Peaceful Warrior to take the stand and let her light shine for all eternity… for us as a species need to change the way we think, the way we act and what we take for granted in our lives. We need to look at becoming Peaceful Warriors and battle our own worst enemy, our personality who is hooked into society and is a product of its  upbringing. In seeking the freedom of the Spiritual Warrior from the domestication of human beings… we free ourselves from the Money Game and society’s obsession of consumerism and financial debt… that is sucking the life-force energy out of its people. We must take back our life-force energy, our power, by taking total responsibility for our past and total control of our future by living in the now moment that controls both from within. This is only done by being a peaceful warrior in society… struggling to become the spiritual, being that we once were.

We start by becoming the observer in our lives watching our emotional temper tantrums as they happen. The Peaceful Warrior aligns himself and herself with the observer to learn and see what the personality is really doing in life on auto-pilot, out of control in an accelerating world, and that it needs a programmer in the pilot’s seat to guide the body away from destruction.  Our problem is we are having an all too human experience caught in a web of intense physical emotions of pain, suffering, joy or religious ecstasy that we are willing to kill for. This is what is grounding us to this earthly plane of demonstration. This is the reason for our need today to become Peaceful Warriors to learn how to get in-touch with our deeper selves, our true selves- “the spirit within”. The spiritual being in the human body is submerged beneath a dominate personality that feeds on the first 3 seals in the body, survival, pain and power.

The only way to get in touch with the spirit within is to be in the present moment the “Now”, a higher level of consciousness that brings us out of body-mind consciousness.  For those who are ready to understand and learn, this is the initiate’s way of the Ancient Secret Mystery Schools… an Analogical consciousness of the ancient mystics who came before them. They had the ability to see the right path in the face of great Chaos and blaze a trail in consciousness for others to follow and become Spiritual Warriors. As events in our lives speed up and as chaos increases in society today now is the time to learn the ways of these Spiritual Warriors and use their wisdom so that we may conquer and free ourselves from the domestication program we find ourselves in and overcome our “crisis of consciousness”. 

Becoming a Spiritual Warrior and using the Lost Keys to the Kingdom…

The ancient Spiritual Warrior realized his responsibility to his internal self and his external (outside the body) environment, and he could enthusiastically respond to clues in his environment when he was in tune with nature. The modern Peaceful Warrior follows  this same path and begins to shatter the illusions he used to live by in society, begins to fight for his own deeper spiritual truths and learns what the real nature of consciousness is “the awareness of being aware in the present moment”.

As the Peaceful Warrior starts to lose his domesticated human program, he begins to see through his illusions by mastering his own emotions by being “present” in the “Now” moment, not the illusions of the past or the dreams of the future, this way he conquers himself. He battles his own inconsistencies by making known the unknown and learns the way of the Ancient Spiritual Warrior that teaches the keys to re-creating his own reality contrary to having society create his reality for him as in his domestication program.

To do this the beginning Peaceful Warrior must reawaken the instincts he had when he was a wild hunter gatherer and let go of his consumer consciousness as a domesticated human. He must remember how to assess his external environment correctly to ensure his survival. For this he must learn how to come from his heart, question the direction his path should take and allow Spirit to tell him what is best for him this moment. It is his brain that assesses the situation, lists all probable dangers and opportunities, but it is his heart and soul connected to spirit that provide the answer to the right solution, one out of 10,000 known probabilities. The Ancient Spiritual Warrior learned quickly on his path that his thinking brain, his personality, was not fast enough to assess the dangers, so he learned to live in the Now moment… and be in a state of Analogical Awareness… to make the right decision when his life depended on it, and thus he  learns to trust his heart. He also gained wisdom from his fellow warriors in battle who did not survive… the decisions made by their egos.

In society today we have become accustomed to relying only on our left brain analytical functions to assess the situation at hand because of its excellent computer like abilities and our focus on the preeminence of the material world. The modern Peaceful Warrior realizes the world is not flat or solid and learns to use his whole brain both right and left hemispheres in a one mind… in an Analogical state of consciousness.

Society’s children, on the other hand, are taught to use a dualistic right or left brain and to specialize their talents in one or the other. This separates people from themselves and others, which cause them to live disconnected lives in the face of unrelated challenges. Females predominately use the right brain, and males use the left brain so society can enjoy the battle of the sexes as a competitive sport to entertain ignorant consumers. The priests that have set up these game thousands of years ago have not understood that the females are winning because the right brain receives communication from the heart that is coming from the soul. This is transmitted via neurons that connect the heart to the brain. The right brain is the hemisphere open to listening to the communication coming from the heart that is going on all the time.

The ancient female warrior connected to her heart, and soul used this knowledge to balance both hemispheres of the brain and create a one mind, Analogical Heart and Soul, a Mind unified as a true Spiritual Being. In the ancient matriarchal society, the female warriors took on younger mates taught them in the ways of love and life, so they could understand the essence of becoming a true spiritual being. The men in turn would take on younger mates and taught them the wisdom of the ages.

All modern Peaceful Warriors must first develop a crack in their domesticated program to see through the illusions of Society’s Dream. It begins when the Peaceful Warrior starts to go within and meditate on self and contemplate questions that cannot  be conveniently answered in society and by his thinking brain. When he begins to question society’s motives for economic, political and social joys and really contemplates his happiness in it the crack begins to form, and the realization develops that he is not alone and true to his heart. When he begins to contemplate new solutions, Spirit guides him and nature initiates him into deeper divine truths that are not visible to those in their domesticated environment of illusions because they are not allowed to take a moment in their life of wage slavery to stop doing and just be.

A civilized domesticated person is a human doing not a human being [9 to five wage slavery]. Native people understood this and have followed the path of the human being for thousands of years in perfect harmony with nature and other native cultures. The Cheyenne Indians, as we call them were never Indians, their name for themselves in their language meant Human Being in the true sense of the word, and they could sustain peace with other native cultures for a thousand years before the age of white man with all of his sophistication, technology and religion came along.  These native Human Beings connected to Mother Nature were becoming one with her and maintained a natural State of Analogical

Awareness, which helped create the 1000 years of peace. Heaven only knows what would have happened if they were allowed to maintain this Awareness and a Consciousness of Peace for a long enough time without the appearance of the dreaded White  Man. One can only hope that the Disappearance of the Anasazi as a race of human beings is because they evolved beyond our violent ability to see them and to a new dimension that facilitates a new level of mind. The domestication program is society’s dream, a game for children to play to satisfy their physical desires of competition, manipulation and control before they wake up and the cream of society’s young rise to the top and evolve out of society to become conscious Peaceful Warriors.

One of the first things a Peaceful Warrior learns as he contemplates and looks within for
guidance is that the world of everyday  life is not real, or out there as we believe it is. For this Warrior… the world as we know it is merely a description of the world. The experienced warrior sage knows from the experience of meditation and going within that we are dreaming all the time; we are dreaming when we’re asleep, and we are dreaming when we’re awake. When we are awake the dream has a material frame around it to make it more real so the mind and the brain can follow the material patterns and create habitual responses so that it no longer has to think but just do and play the game. The Native Americans called this Maya or Illusion. According to the Toltecs, the Mayans and the Olmecs, this dream, when we are awake is called society’s dream.

It is the dream of the planet, of the collective consciousness of all human beings that have agreed to one perspective of the world, many thousands of years ago. To play a game of needs and greed, power and control, haves and have not’s to overcome our animalistic fears of lack and become truly loving human beings to one and other. Over the centuries, we lost the desire to change and evolve embroiled in our pain and suffering and a burning need to rule our small corner of the world. We lost the knowledge that we were only playing a game, we are true spiritual beings having a human experience… we create our own reality by our focus on our thoughts and actions.

The modern Peaceful Warrior begins to understand this as he opens his mind to learn all that he can about life. He reads and learns of the many different theories like that of Evolution… consciousness and Mind, Quantum Physics and the cosmology of an electrical universe… to compare its theories with that of society’s and picks the one that is closely aligned with its heart and spirit and not with society’s economic political again. My Master teacher taught me how to think for myself, study everything that interested me and to question everything around me. He taught me to follow my heart and use it as a guide to life… as it is never wrong. He taught me how to look to other consummate Peaceful Warriors to study their lives and their actions … great warriors like Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome in 180 A.D… a true spiritual Warrior in every sense of the word.

It is from here studying his mediations that I saw the greatness of this Spiritual Warrior. Legend has it that he wrote the Meditations as notes to himself during the many battle campaigns he led against invaders. Far from being warlike, the Meditations  take a lofty, spiritual approach to life.  The brotherhood of mankind is emphasized, and the power of a gentle, disciplined mind is extolled. From the Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius, you will find in this royal philosopher a rare generosity, sweetness, and humility. Adopting the philosopher’s robe at twelve, he remains a student all his life. He lived simply, like other men. It was his greatest delight to retire to his country home and there, dwelling among his books, to meditate upon the great problems of life. When he speaks of the shortness of time and the value of fame, riches, and power, for which men strive in this world, he speaks not from the standpoint of one who would wish to obtain these things, but as a Roman Emperor, enjoying the highest honors that man might expect to attain in this world. He certainly was in a position to speak intelligently concerning these matters, and his opinions ought to have weight with New Spiritual Warriors. He would write in his meditations to himself…

He claimed that a man’s life should be valued according to the value of the things to which he gave his attention. If his whole thought was given to clothing, feeding and housing himself comfortably, he should be valued like all other well-housed and well-fed animals.

Marcus Aurelius was known as one of the last great rulers of Rome. He was born in 121 AD. And died in the year 180, and his Meditations have been widely published since the middle ages.

In the beginning of his teachings, the novice Peaceful Warrior gains from life a genuine conviction that what you hold in your mind as the world at hand is merely a description of the world and not the real world. And that everyone who comes into contact with a small child… beginning to learn of and understand the world around it, is a teacher, who describes the world to the child until the moment… the child is capable of perceiving the world as it is described. None of us could possibly have had any point of reference to compare it to anything else because  we never ventured out to experience the real world. From that moment on however, the child is a member of society and knows only the description of the world and not the real world. This is called the first attention by the Ancient Toltec’s, one of the original nations of Spiritual Warriors.

Society has hooked our attention by telling us what to focus on… and what to believe… how to behave… where to go and when to think, all through repetition. The Ancient Toltec Spiritual Warriors called this the Domestication of the Human Being. We are trained to behave in society, the same way you would train a dog to behave, through a system of punishment and reward.

When we are good and follow society’s rules and regulations we are rewarded, and we feel
special and all the attention is focused on us and away from everyone else. This is how society hooks our attention: we feel a great need for everyone to focus their attention on us all the time, to stand out in the crowd and become a hero in society.  When we are BAD, we are punished, and we feel pain for going against society’s dream and are ostracized from everyone’s attention and are looked down on like a dog in the street. We spend most of our life competing for attention and forming agreements with everyone around for their attention, even though we, or they may be lying, we do not care as long as we have their attention.

A Spiritual Warrior has learned from experience that our word is our bond and our law and
the only thing we take with us when we die. We store information in the form of agreements… if we do not agree then the information is not stored. The information we store rarely has anything to do with the truth, but that is never important, never the point… we store our agreed beliefs, attitudes,  opinions and judgments about our actions in society. These actions focus our attention outside of ourselves on agreements with people, places, things, times and events.

In knowing the description of the world, society’s child learns to take everything personally… the child is taught to make its own assumptions about everything… when possible take credit for anything and “know” nothing. His membership becomes full fledged when he is capable of making all the proper-perceived-interpretations which by his conforming to society’s description of the world… he validates it. Reality of day-to-day life then consists of an endless flow of perpetual interpretations… which the individuals who share in society’s dream have learned to make in common. These perpetual interpretations run uninterrupted and are rarely ever open to question.

In fact, the reality of the world we know… is so taken for granted that the basic understanding of the Spiritual Warriors… that our reality is merely one of many descriptions… or that we can create our own reality by being focused and conscious… can hardly be taken as a serious proposition. This brings into question whether we are really conscious and alive or living an illusion and just running a preprogrammed reality simulation.

In learning the truth of our existence and our part in society’s dream, the True Peaceful Warrior becomes a man of ancient knowledge and wisdom… learns to find his truth internally by coming from the heart (Soul) and by unraveling the illusions of his own delusions and finally gaining wisdom from the experiences of his internal philosophy. A man of ancient knowledge and wisdom is a designation of mastery over the illusions of life, and it was given in ancient times to all who could master this art, any man or woman who took this path. The Toltecs  and the Mayans all Native Indians of Central America would teach this path for 1000s of years until the white man came to America.

A Peaceful Warrior learns the secrets that make up the process of becoming a man of ancient knowledge and this requires a very deep commitment because the training is long and arduous.  A Peaceful Warrior goes to knowledge as he goes to war… wide-awake, with fear, with respect, and with absolute assurance. Going to knowledge or going to war in any other manner is a mistake, and whoever makes this mistake will live to regret his steps.

When a Peaceful Warrior has fulfilled those four requisites, there are no mistakes for which he will have to account… under such conditions, his actions lose the blundering quality of a fool’s actions. If such a man fails, or suffers a defeat, he will have lost only a battle, and there will be no pitiful regrets over that.

A man of ancient knowledge is one who has followed truthfully the hardships of learning… he is a Spiritual Warrior, who has, without rushing or without faltering, gone as far as he can in unraveling the secrets of power and knowledge. To become a man of ancient knowledge one must challenge and defeat his four natural enemies. The modern Peaceful Warrior has learned that this path is not unlike the path of Jesus Christ and other great initiates, in their battle in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights defeating their four natural enemies.

When a Peaceful Warrior starts to learn, he is never clear about his objectives. His purpose is faulty… his intent is vague. He hopes for rewards that will never materialize for he knows nothing of the hardships of learning. He slowly begins to learn… bit by bit at first, then in big chunks. Moreover, his thoughts soon clash. He is caught in society’s dream, and he wants society to manifest his new reality for him. What he learns is never what he pictured, or imagined, and so he begins to be afraid. Learning is never what one expects. His illusions still cloud his awareness. Every step of learning is a new task, and the fear the man is experiencing begins to mount mercilessly, unyieldingly. His purpose becomes a battlefield.

Thus, he has stumbled upon the first of his natural enemies as a conscious being: Fear! This is a terrible enemy… treacherous and difficult to overcome. It remains concealed at every turn of the way, prowling and waiting. Moreover, if the Peaceful Warrior, terrified in its presence, runs away, his enemy will have put an end to his quest, and he will never learn. He will never become a man of ancient knowledge. He will perhaps be a bully, or a harmless, scared man… at any rate, he will be a defeated man. His first enemy will have put an end to his cravings. The majority of societies made up of people who are afraid of learning the truth…. herded Sheeple.

It is impossible for a Peaceful Warrior to abandon himself to fear for years and then finally conquer it. If he gives in to fear, he will never conquer it, because he will shy away from learning and never try again. However, if he tries to learn for years in the midst of his fear, he will eventually conquer it because he will never have really abandoned himself to it. Therefore, he must not run away. He must defy his fear, and in spite of it, he must take the next step in learning, and the next, and the next. He must be fully afraid, and yet he must not stop. That is the rule! Moreover, a moment will come when his first enemy retreats.

The Peaceful Warrior begins to feel sure of himself. His intent becomes stronger and learning is no longer a terrifying task. When this joyful moment comes, the Peaceful Warrior can say without hesitation that he has defeated his first natural enemy. It happens little by little and yet the fear is vanquished suddenly and fast. Once a Peaceful Warrior has vanquished fear, he is free from it for the rest of his life b ecause, instead of fear, he has acquired clarity… clarity of mind, which erases fear. By then the man knows his desires… he knows how to satisfy those desires. He can anticipate the new steps of learning, and a sharp clarity surrounds everything. The man feels that nothing is concealed.

Thus, he has encountered his second enemy… Clarity! That clarity of mind, which is so hard to obtain, dispels fear, but also blinds. It forces the man never to doubt himself. It gives him the assurance, he can do anything he pleases, for he sees clearly into everything. He is courageous because he is clear, and he stops at nothing because he is clear. However, all that is a mistake… it is like something incomplete. If the warrior yields to this make-believe power… he has succumbed to his second enemy, and he will be patient when he should rush. He will fumble with learning until he winds up incapable of learning anything more. His second enemy has just stopped him cold from trying to become a man of knowledge. Instead, the man may turn into a buoyant warrior, or a clown. However, the clarity for which he has paid so dearly will never change to
darkness and fear again. He will be clear as long as he lives, but he will no longer learn, or yearn for anything. Many of society’s leaders are made up of these failed warriors.

He must do what he did with fear: he must defy his clarity and use it only to see, wait patiently, and measure carefully before taking new steps… above all, he must think that his clarity is almost a mistake. A moment will come when he will understand that his clarity was only a point before his eyes. Thus, he will have overcome his second enemy, and will arrive at a position where nothing can harm him anymore. This will not be a mistake because it will not be… only a point before his eyes… it will be true power.

He will know at this point that the power… he has been pursuing for so long is finally his. He can do with it whatever, he pleases. His ally is at his command. His wish is the rule. He sees all that is around him. However, he has also come across his third enemy: Power!

Power is the strongest of all enemies. Moreover, naturally the easiest thing to do is to give in… after all… the Warrior is truly invincible. He commands… he begins by taking calculated risks… and ends in making rules… because he is a Master.

A warrior at this stage hardly notices his third enemy closing in on him and suddenly… without knowing…he will certainly have lost the battle. His enemy will have turned him into a cruel, capricious man… but he will never lose his clarity or his power. A warrior who is defeated by power… dies without really knowing how to handle it. Power is only a burden upon his fate. Such a man has no command over himself… and cannot tell when or how to use his power. This is where the global elite power brokers are… they do whatever, they please… with their cruel, capricious corporations.

Once one of these enemies overpowers a man… there is nothing he can do. It is impossible,  for instance, that a man who is defeated by power may see his error and mend his ways. Once a Peaceful Warrior gives in, he is through. If, however, he is temporarily blinded by power, and then refuses it, his battle is still on. That means he is still trying to become a man of ancient knowledge and wisdom. A man is defeated only when he no longer tries, and abandons himself.

He has to come to realize that the power… he has seemingly conquered is, in reality, never his. He must keep himself in line at all times, handling carefully, and faithfully all that he has learned.  If he can see that clarity and power, without his control over himself, are worse than mistakes… he will reach a point where everything is held in check. He will know then when and how to use his power. Thus, he will have defeated his third enemy. This is the realm of all the worlds’ great Spiritual Warriors and Masters.

The Peaceful Warrior will be, by then, at the end of his journey of learning, and almost without warning, he will come upon the last of his enemies… Old Age! This enemy is the cruelest of all… the one he will not be able to defeat completely…  for the fight is never ending….

This is the time when a Peaceful Warrior has no more fears, no more impatience… clarity of mind… a time when all his power is in check… but also the time when he has an unyielding desire to rest. If he gives in totally to his desire to lie down and forget… if he soothes himself in tiredness… he will have lost his last round… and his enemy will cut him down into a feeble old creature. His desire to retreat will overrule all his clarity… his power… and his knowledge…However, now if the Spiritual Warrior… sloughs off his tiredness, and lives through his fate, he can then be called a man of ancient knowledge and wisdom. If only for the brief moment when he succeeds in fighting off his last… invincible enemy… that moment of clarity, power, and  Knowledge are enough… because he can hold that moment in time indefinitely. If he let’s go of the need to rest and the desire to forget all his hardships that lead to his experience and wisdom, he has won the battle in that Now moment in time.

The Spiritual Warrior knows he needs to take his body with him into forever and not let it forget and die. He has learned… he has gone beyond his fate,  he now has a destiny to fulfill to become everything that his spirit has mandated for him. To learn in this incarnation… to rejuvenate the body and mind… to that of a young man so that spirit can now use the body and create heaven on earth. Like the Spiritual Warriors who went before him, i.e. Krishna, Buddha, Allah, Yeshua and all the forgotten warriors who are not recorded.

Specific Keys to Creating the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth…

As he has unraveled his destiny and now is at the peak of his power, clarity and knowledge the Conscious Spiritual Warrior can see with new eyes the illusions that cloud the common people of society, and he realizes that everybody creates their reality in accordance with their common beliefs and expectations. Therefore, the Conscious Spiritual Warrior can see that they should examine these carefully every day. If they do not like some aspect of their world then they should examine their own expectations and change it according to their heart… for it is never wrong. As far as public events and private dreams that they focus on… they are a concern… they should isolate and focus only those things… they want to be manifest… and not let society hook their attention on something they do not need. For the Conscious Spiritual Warrior knows that…   the true self has no boundaries, except those it accepts out of ignorance and is bound to by agreements.

The true Spiritual Warrior can see that every hour of every day… people are inundated by the advertising media for them to buy… many of their external wants and desires. As impressionable consumers in society people are constantly pressured into agreements to imagine, dream, focus, or desire some corporation’s product. Therefore, it is imperative from the perspective of the conscious Spiritual Warrior, whom you do not focus on any events that you do not want to happen.

Concentration on them to any degree… ties them to all those quantum possibilities. Putting your focus on anyone of a 1000 nice things to buy during a busy day weakens your ability to manifest your personal dream by stealing your energy. Those 1000 nice things will be manifest over the coming 1000 days, weeks, or months the more you think [imagine, dream, or focus] on any one of them. A Conscious Spiritual Warrior will tell you that your mind is not your friend in society when it is not disciplined and subservient to the observer. Our life becomes a chaotic mess when we do not make personal choices in creating our own reality and become
lazy and allow society[advertisement from the media on television, radio or the internet] to do our bidding and tell us what we really want.

Only focus on what you want from the source… Spirit. You should frequently remind yourself, “I will only act on constructive suggestions, whether they are internal or external.” This will give all seekers after truth a non-dualistic source of ammunition… against their own negative thoughts and emotions and those generated by society. As long as they fight for society’s dream of greed and gain, they will have no peace within.

From the perspective of the Spiritual Warriors of old we can gain the wisdom of the ages… that the brain does not create thoughts but is a receiver of thought. Consciousness is a higher frequency of thought acting upon the brain creating mind. Our brain is  like a radio receiver tuning into higher or lower thought vibrations. The lower frequencies come from society… are a low vibration… recycled ignorance of our collective unconscious… the higher frequencies come from Spirit. To access Spirit a warrior on the path learns to develop a state of Analogical Awareness.

A Spiritual Warrior understands the paramount importance of his morning meditation and
focuses on his internal reality creating his day as he wants it to be manifest… this is his second attention… because he knows he is creating his reality at all times… the so called good and bad experiences. This conscious warrior knows that there are no good and bad experiences in life… that there are only experiences to learn from and gain wisdom. This way we learn h ow our brain and our body interpret instructions… the experience gives us clues to our hidden agendas and ulterior motives… to our spiritual beliefs.

This is a valuable lesson of observing our choices in life and evolving true goals of spiritual growth. To judge experiences as good or bad limits the experience and puts it in narrowly defined boxes not letting us gain wisdom from the experiences. We are doomed to repeat the experiences until we can see our way out of the box and observe our actions.  The internal dream, his “focused will” has to be more important and more real than the
external illusion which everyone else believes and wants for him.

Spiritual Warriors base their entire evolution on their internal reality that they create throughout their life based on their philosophy that has turned into wisdom which they have gained. The Spiritual Warrior can tell us that the external illusion of our life, the one we pay homage to, means nothing compared to the evolution of our eternal being. Realizing this he knows that power and riches, or poverty and suffering in that moment of life mean nothing compared to our personal intent and our attention as Warriors over our personality and society..

From the point of view of the Spiritual Warrior all of our philosophies, our spiritual beliefs and dreams come from our inner focus, that we either, will into realityourselves” or that we “accept as our own… out of ignorance” from society. Ultimately, in the most basic sense, the purpose of life is BEING in contrast to DOING. The real essence of you is Spirit, you are not your
body, only the body dies, and spirit is eternal. The Spiritual Warrior lives on through lifetime after lifetime learning to tame the body so that he may take his body “home” one day thereby making it eternal and turning it into an eternal Spiritual Warrior.

A Spiritual Warrior will tell us that as human beings in society when we use our freewill
we make reality into something quite different than Spirit intended. We allow our alter ego, our personality to become overly developed and specialized according to  society’s dream. We are here to develop our freewill with the nature of the Spiritual Warrior, so we can work out prior problems and challenges. We are always supposed to be aware of our own inner reality (spirit) and our non-physical existence. To a large extent, we in society have lost contact with this and use our freewill to manifest… and get further lost and caught in Society’s dream.

Western Society uses this and lets us wallow in our emotions… focus on our deficiencies… lusts and addictions… digging a deeper hole for our prior problems and challenges. Instead of observing the addictions as a downward spiral of consciousness… using our free will… we explore it further… and when we get stuck in it… we state that this is who we are… and it is gods will… and we do not want to change because we are weak and only human. From this position… It will now be infinitely more difficult to focus our way out of this situation… and this choice is neither good nor bad. The next lifetime we are put in situations in life where our challenges are greater than before, and we get to see the other side of the story of life to deal with prior problems and addictions to work them out. Lifetime after lifetime, countless… thousands of lifetimes…

The evolving Peaceful Warrior soon becomes aware that the dream of society is “one of a global consciousness”, by which… if you follow society’s lead… society will create your reality for you… allowing your energy to react to… society’s dream for you… with all your attitudes, emotions, desires and needs. This dream creates Body-Mind Consciousness with the lack of any willpower on your part… this equals Hell on Earth for the average person.

As unconscious human beings, people allow society’s consciousness to dominate  their reality and squeezing out all of their unconscious attitudes… emotions and desires… to satisfy Society’s dream of business and consumerism… supplying people with better products to support their unconscious attitudes, emotions and desires… creating great suffering for many on this planet. In Society’s dream… with the aid of medical science… pain is optional and suffering is mandatory.

In Society’s dream Jesus died for Your Sins. In a Spiritual Warrior’s dream, his “second attention”, Christ Consciousness is the example and the way home… death is not the end… we have the potential to BE forever. When you realize the difference you become a Peaceful Warrior and no longer need to suffer, and you create your own reality.

The Second Attention of the Spiritual Warrior

The internal Dream of the Spiritual Warrior, his “second attention” is where he creates his
own reality. His consciousness (thoughts, attitudes and emotions) and his emotional energy (the action of those thoughts) create the nature of his own evolution, in reality. Each day is new and each day he aligns himself with spirit and comes from his heart and creates what is needed for that day.  It is in the morning meditation when he awakes, he creates his day as he sees fit according to his dream and what he is determined to manifest in his life that day. He will meditate at sunrise and sunset on the words of wisdom from ancient spiritual warriors and their philosophy gaining experience and wisdom as the days follow… contemplating the wisdom of the ages.

The Spiritual Warrior studies and meditates daily the Ancient Stoic ideals of Greek philosophy that have stood the test of time and evolution. These eternal truths keep the spiritual Warrior in the moment involved in living a life of honesty, humility, and personal responsibility, great emphasis is placed on the power of decision and thought, and they act as Justice itself would act in all their daily actions. These are the very same ideals handed down to the philosophers of old in the time of Hermes and his Emerald Tablets asking Warriors to first look for the Philosophical Stone in Nature and in themselves. (for a greater understanding on the philosophy… read the Book, Decoding the Philosophers Stone: Milk of the Gods by Robert Tonelli on page 430)

As an evolving Spiritual Warrior opening Analogically… his mind, he has learned:

  • We must learn to train our minds, to avoid useless and painful lines of thought. We must learn to focus our minds on thoughts, which bring us joy. A person with such a mind is a light to the community, and one who is using his gifts aright. Such a person understands
    that he is kin to all others. He knows that his role is to care for his neighbors without seeking their good opinion. He is neither shaken by praise nor blame.
  • The Spiritual Warrior considers the past… dead and “Now”, lives from this point onward according to his highest principles. It is impossible for the future to escape the motion of the present. Each of us lives only in the present, ‘this moment’. All the rest is
    either past or uncertain. Let nothing distract you, for you have wandered many
    times and have not found peace. He who sees what exists ‘right now’ has seen
    everything… for all things are of one source and one substance.
  • Why race after future fame, while the present “Now” moment is yours to enjoy? For the man who is content in the present moment, even death has lost its sting. It is never the future or the past that troubles us, but the present. And we can train our minds to see
    the present in a new and peaceful light. ‘You’ have power over your mind… not
    outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength as it is in your power
    to return to life.
  • The Spiritual Warrior thinks of the Universe as one living being, having one body and soul. Observe how things are connected, and how things act together. See the beautiful web. The true self has no needs, unless it creates needs for itself. In the same way, the mind is
    not troubled, unless it allows itself to be.
  • Some things are in our control, and others are not. Things that are in our control are our decisions, desires, and wishes… our own thoughts and actions. Things that are not in our control are the thoughts and actions of others.
  • If you remember what is in your control and what is not in your control, then no one will trouble or threaten you. In addition, you will never find fault with anyone, or accuse anyone. You will do nothing that brings you pain. No one will hurt you. You will have no enemies. You will never be able to be harmed. Try, then, to say to every difficult
    event, “You are but an appearance, and not really the thing you appear to be.” Then ask yourself, “Is this in my control, or isn’t it?” If it is not in your control, do not think about it any more.
  • If you would be free, wish for nothing that depends on the actions of others. If your happiness is dependent on others, you have made yourself a slave. See, how sweet are generosity, freedom, kindness, purity… for what is sweeter than goodness itself? Honor that which is the best in ‘You’.
  • You can have all the things you want right now, if you observe but one thing: You must give no thoughts to the past, trust the future to the spirit-within, and spend the present in holiness and peace.
    In peace, that you may be content with the present moment. In holiness, that
    you may act in line with the harmony of the whole and do not let another man’s
    wrongs disturb you, nor his opinions or thoughts.
  • The Spiritual Warrior knows… If you do your work with “Clarity”, keeping your spirit clean as if you might be asked to give it back, you will find peace. If you hold to this, expecting and avoiding nothing, but satisfied with this moment, you will live a happy life. And no one will be able to prevent you from living like this. It is always within your power to be respectful, to behave kindly, and to discipline your thoughts so that no one can control your mind. You have the power to release all the judgments, which trouble you by embracing the whole Universe, and everything in it.
  • Always live in accordance with your highest purpose and principles. Never value the things that will force you to lie, lose self-respect, hate, or deceive. Whoever values peace of mind and the health of the soul will live the best of all possible lives.
  • Remember that kindness is invincible, if it is genuine. How can a man hurt you if you gently say to him, “No, my brother. We came into the world to help each other. It is not me who is hurt by this, but you.” If we say this honestly, without a trace of blame, there is no one who can hurt us. If these ideas are not enough to keep you in peace, remember that it is unfair to insist that ignorant people should not act wrongly.
  • Why do we fear change? What comes to us without change? Can you take a warm bath without changing the firewood? Can you eat, without changing something? The changes in our lives are like the changes of Nature. If we see them in the right way, we will understand their value. Think of people who have been upset, and cursed their fate. Then think of people who found fame and riches, and were happy. Then ask yourself, “Where are they now?” It is nothing but smoke and ashes and memories. The Spiritual Warrior realizes how foolish it is to strive after worldly things. It is a great deal wiser to simply present yourself honestly and faithfully to the gods, in perfect simplicity. The life of a man is but a tiny thing, quickly vanishing into the eternal. Remembering this, we should think nothing to be great, except to act according to our highest principles and to accept the Will of the Spirit-within that is now in command of our life. Soon the earth will cover us all, then this earth too will change, and then that will change… and on and on to eternity. A man who realizes this will not value what (things) will change.
  • In the mind of a Spiritual Warrior who has purified their thoughts, you will find nothing painful. This person will not fear death, but rather will see it like an actor whose time on the stage is done. There will be nothing in this person who is cowardly or fake, and nothing that needs to be kept in secret. This moment may be your last on earth; remember this, and choose every thought and act carefully. Remember, too, that to leave the earth is nothing to be afraid of, for the nature of the Universe is eternal and good. Even if you were to live three thousand years, or thirty thousand years, remember that no one loses any other life except the one he is living now, this moment. The longest life and the shortest life lead to exactly the same end. Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.
  • Socrates used to say, “The opinions of the masses are as foolish as children’s monsters”.
  • The Spiritual Warrior r knows that ‘Good Fortune’ is a good attitude of the soul, plus good feelings and good actions.
  • If you are serving your highest purpose, it will not matter if you are cold or warm, sleepy or awake, or whether people speak well or poorly of you. For you will be happy to simply do your work. Peace is not found in victory, wealth, or reputation. Where, then, is it found? It is found simply in staying true to one’s principles. This is the most important thing: do not be disturbed, for all things are in harmony with the Whole. Do your part without worry, and speak the words that are most true.
  • In the morning, think to yourself, “I am called to serve the world today. The plants have their work; the birds have theirs; so do the ants, the spiders, and the bees. They have their part in helping the world, and so do I.” Seek your form of contribution, and you will find it. Concerning things, that you find useful… or that you deeply love… remember to remind yourself of their nature. Begin with the most insignificant things. If, for example, you are fond of a  specific coffee cup, remind yourself that it is just a cup. Then if it breaks, you will not be disturbed, for you have remembered its true  nature. Similarly, if you kiss your child or wife, remember that you are only kissing their bodies, and that you will not be apart from them if either of them dies. In this way, you will remember their true nature.
  • When you are going about any action, try to put the action in perspective. If you are going to the pool or the beach, remind yourself of what usually happens there: some people splash water, some push, some use poor language, and others steal things. If you do this, you will be able to safely go to the pool or beach without l osing your peace of mind. You will say, “I will now go to swim, and keep my mind in a state of peace.” If something should happen… if someone splashes you with water, or steals something from you… you can say, “I didn’t just come to swim. I came to keep my mind in peace, and I am not surprised that these things happened. I have no need to lose my peace of mind.” We are not disturbed by things that happen, but by our interpretations of these things.
  • Therefore, when we are disturbed or upset, let us not blame it on others. A beginner on the spiritual path will blame his state of mind on others. An intermediate will blame his state of mind on himself. However, a truly knowledgeable person a Peaceful Warrior will blame neither other nor himself… he will simply make a change.
  • Imagine that you are on a voyage, and your ship is anchored. You go onto shore to get some fresh water, and along the way, you amuse yourself by picking up a shell or buy something in a shop. Even though you are enjoying yourself, your attention should be focused on the ship, waiting for the captain to call, “all aboard.” When this happens, you must immediately leave your shells and the shop and run back to the ship.
  • So it is with life. If you are given a wife or nice home, that is fine. However, if the captain calls, you must run to the ship. Your focus should always be on this. Remember that you must behave in life as if you would at a dinner party. Is anything brought around to you? Put out your hand and take your share. Does it pass yo u by? Do not stop it. Has it not yet come? Do not reach out towards it, but wait until it reaches you. Do this with regard to children, to a wife, to a job, to wealth, and you will eventually take your seat at the feasts of the gods and if you do not even need
    the things, which are set before you but are able to let them go. Then you will
    not only take your seat at the feasts of the gods, but also at their homes.
  • If you wish for yourself and your family to live forever, you are expecting the impossible. For you wish to be in control of things that are not in your control. Similarly, if you wish for your family or friends to be without fault, you are expecting the impossible. However, if you wish to remain at peace, this is in your control. Above all else, let the spirit within you be the guardian of your life. Tend to it; let it be the source of your peace. You will find happiness if you do not seek outside you for what is within.
  • If you can find anything in life that is better than truth and peace… then turn to it and enjoy it wholeheartedly. However, if you find nothing as fulfilling as this, then put away all else. Simply and freely, choose the best thing and hold on to it. The goal in life is to see all things as they are; to act with the heart, and to speak the truth.
    When this is done, what remains except to enjoy life, joining one good day to
    another so that there is no gap in between?
  •  Everything is in accord with nature, and nothing is evil which is in accord with nature. The Spiritual Warrior keeps this in mind, and does not judge things falsely.
  • If you are tempted by the thought of an unhealthy pleasure, try not to be hurried away by it. Rather, give yourself a few moments to gather your mind. Then bring your thoughts to two points in time: the point at which you will enjoy the pleasure, and the point at which you may blame yourself for enjoying it. Think, further, of how glad
    you will be if you avoid the pleasure altogether, and how happy you will feel
    for your efforts.
  • Therefore, the Spiritual Warrior blames no one, controls no one, and seeks neither praise nor power from others. If he is praised, he secretly chuckles at the person who praised him, and if he is accused of something, he makes no defense. If he appears stupid or ignorant, he does not care… he knows that his own mind is the thing to watch.
  • Never call yourself a philosopher, nor talk a great deal about theories… simply act according to them. When, for example, you are at a party… do not talk about how people ought to eat and drink, but simply eat and drink, as you should. Silence is a fine thing. Do not toss philosophical theorems out for debate, for there is danger in throwing out what you have not digested. If anyone tells you that you know nothing, and you are not bothered by it, you can be sure that you have begun your inner work. Sheep, for example, do not throw up their grass to show the shepherds how much they have eaten. Rather, after inwardly digesting their food, they outwardly produce
    wool and milk. Therefore, you should not debate philosophy, but demonstrate the
    actions produced by the philosophy after it has been digested.
  • Let the highest principles be your rules for living. Moreover, no matter what happens to you… whether it is pain or pleasure, glory or shame… remember that you are bound to these high laws. Whatever spiritual and moral rules you have decided to live by, respect them as if they were laws. Do not worry about what anyone says of you, for this is no concern of yours. If you are worried about death, turn your mind upon the people and things you will leave… “And now”, love them dearer than you ever have.
  • The Spiritual Warrior knows a disciplined mind can release every painful thought that enters into it, and to return to a state of perfect calm. Rise up and look down from above at the herds of animals, the many journeys of men, their births, lives, and deaths. Think too of the lives led by those who are past, and the lives of those to come. See that those who now praise you may soon blame you, and those who blame you will soon forget you. Then realize that neither fame nor anything else is worth a
    stray thought. How simple life is for the disciplined mind.
  • Learn to look at men’s souls in nakedness. When they believe that their blame hurts the world and their praise helps it, they are as ignorant as children are. There are five things that cause the soul pain: One, when the soul tries to split itself off from the Whole. Two, when it turns away from its neighbors. Three, when it seeks after pleasure or pain. Four, when it supports dishonesty. Fifth, when it falls into aimlessness and lack of purpose. Our spirit has the power to adapt itself to whatever may happen. For it requires nothing, and always moves toward its higher purpose.
  • We seek quiet in the country, at the seashore, and in the mountains… but true quiet is found within. Whenever we choose, we can retreat to the quiet of the soul. Take frequent trips there, and let them be long enough to wash away the troubles of the world. Then return, happily, to the needs around you. Do not give up if you fail to follow your principles… do not give up, but simply pick yourself up and return to them. Remember that these principles are in line with your true self, and what you
    fell towards was not.
  • It is possible to see beauty in everything… in the fig, in the ears of corn bending down, in the lion’s mane, in the foam, which comes from a wild boar’s mouth. These things may not be beautiful by themselves, but if we perceive them as part of the larger Whole, we will begin to see them with fascination and wonder. However, if a person has an appreciation and understanding of the Universe, there is hardly anything that will not appear beautiful. Such a person will find equal pleasure in looking at paintings and wild animals. He will see in every person a sweet freshness and light. Vision will be his gift, and he will see beauty where others see
  • The Spiritual Warrior knows… he who does not understand the Universe does not understand himself. Moreover, he who does not understand the purpose of the Universe does not understand his own purpose. Seek to know the Universe and you will know yourself.
  • The Spiritual Warrior sees… the substance of the universe…  as if it were wax… how
    it takes the form of a horse, then, melting down, a tree, then a man, then
    something else. In addition, every one of these forms exists for a very brief
    while. The eternal is a different thing… Plato said that we should look at
    earthly life from a higher place.. the armies, the fields, the marriages, the
    births, deaths, the famines and feasts… from this, we will gain a new
    perspective. Find your peace within. The mind is content with its own right
    actions, and the tranquility they bring. Choose to be simple, self-respecting,
    and modest. Love humanity… Follow the God-within…. Remember that everything
    rests in a higher order.

In re-creating our reality as Spiritual Warriors from the perceptions of illusions and distortions which we have been given to believe, we realize that to change these perceptions, we have to change our promises, which created these perceptions in the first place. Everything we do is based in promises we have made… promises with ourselves, with other people, with God, with life. However,  he most important promises are the ones we make with ourselves because our word is our law, our contract with the spirit-within. These promises are as common as a friend hooking our attention while we are creating our dream. They manipulate us to agree to some past emotion while they want us to “now” do their bidding by creating their dream out of some moral obligation to other past arrangements, which no longer apply. We are sidetracked, no longer creating our reality, locked in an “illusion of emotion”, believing that we are creating a better reality… not realizing it is through guilt, shame, greed, or just our personality ran amok in society’s dream.

What we have to learn is to how to unhook our attention from all that is not our personal
dream, how to love our friends, how to listen to all the people we meet, how to treat them with respect, how to contemplate what is said and agree that our dream is our primary focus. All things that agree with our dream are supported and anything that is not aligned with this contract with our inner self is rescinded, and we apologize for not being able to do their bidding for them and speak our truth clearly. The key here is “to know thy self above all else” and this is the quest of the Spiritual Warrior.

The very process of learning about ourselves from an early age is one of extremely self
limiting beliefs, outright lies about who and what we are, we are taught from an unimpeccable point of view in society and given only assumptions and theories when we ask for the truth. When we question authority, we are taught to take everything personally because in that moment it was meant personally so we would not step out of line. From the standpoint of a small child, we are taught to follow orders, not to question anything and this is from the ones, we love the most. However,, deep down, we know the truth, that people around us say one thing and do another, put themselves down and everyone else, and the love we get is filled with lies and conditions to agree to things that we know, deep down, are not true. Our lives are filled with promises that go against our very nature of who and what we are, but to be a part of society  we have to issue forth from deep within us the law, verbal contracts that disempowers us and holds us to emotional judgments based on ignorant belief systems of our specific society.

As the Spiritual Warrior learns, he realizes that in these promises we tell ourselves who we are, how to behave, what is possible, and what is impossible. One single promise is not such a problem, but we have issued 1000’s of promises that come from fear, ignorance, and greed; as these promises deplete our energy, they also diminish our self-worth. It is the judge within us (our personality) that holds us accountable for our actions as we judge everyone around us and hold them accountable for their action, whether they are real or imaginary. We are held prisoner by the judge within and our actions.

The Spiritual Warrior consciously recognizes the source of his self-limiting beliefs… that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. When we are ready to change these promises, there are seven deceptively simple, yet powerful promises that we can adopt as guiding principles to change our life. This is the same for both male and female Warriors.

The Spiritual Warrior consciously recognizes the need to be impeccable with
his word.
  He speaks with integrity, says only what he means and avoids using words to speak against himself and does not think about gossiping about others. He uses the power of his word in the direction of truth and love. The Peaceful Warrior knows that he comes into this world with only his word and that when he leaves this world it is the single thing he will be able to take with him to the next world.

The Spiritual Warrior consciously does not take anything personally. Nothing others do is because of him. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. The Peaceful Warrior is immune to the opinions and actions of others and knows he will not ever be the victim of needless suffering. “The opinions of the masses are as foolish as children’s monsters”.

The Spiritual Warrior consciously does not make assumptions… but finds the courage to ask questions to learn and express what he really wants and knows the truth of any situation.  He knows how to communicate with others as clearly as he can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one promise, he completely transforms his life.

The Spiritual Warrior consciously recognizes the need to always do his best.  The Peaceful Warrior’s best is going to change from moment to moment, and it will be different when he is healthy as opposed to when he is sick. The Peaceful Warrior under every circumstance simply does his best, and he avoids self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret.

The Spiritual Warrior’s mission in life is to make known the unknown… as
a conscious representative of his spirit. His duty is to educate the body to new possibilities and not the old existing patterns. To make known the unknown, he let’s go of the past by erasing personal history… that which is already known through experience of these old patterns.

The Spiritual Warrior knows that he is erasing his personal history… in this sense, comprises of every emotional experience that he has had in relation to people, places, things, times and events. All of these experiences constitute the contents of his emotional body and he has become attached to these human experiences. Once the Spiritual Warrior let’s go of his attachment, he has no personal history. He develops the ability to become the observer in life and is able to use the wisdom gained from his observations to change his thought patterns from the dream of the planet, society’s dream to the dream of the warrior, his internal focus, and
his second attention.

The Spiritual Warrior is free to speak his truth and live in the Now moment
and accept total responsibility for his world and live by his personal dream, his second attention the dream of spirit… to speak his truth, wherever, whenever, to whoever needs to hear the truth. The modern Peaceful Warrior has the keys to creating reality as he pleases… the way spirit intended.

The Spiritual Warrior sees that the decision to keep these seven promises is a Declaration of War… to redeem himself from the parasite (altered ego) and create a new dream of heaven on earth with a new consciousness and new found energy”.

Spiritual Warriors… free of the emotional constraints of people, places, things, times, events and our covenants with society, stand at the edge of the known world, ready to jump off. He learns what has been hidden from us since antiquity… our true nature free of the control of the parasite, the Altered ego, truly great spiritual warriors with internal focus, intent and attention. This is the beginning of true power, with a feeling of divine connection to all things in life; this power is based on his new ethical standards from spirit as he is no longer trapped in the illusion or bound by promises.

The Spiritual Warrior’s pearls of wisdom and his internal focus are the reasons for a declaration of intent for ethics in society… for an evolution of consciousness in harmony with nature. The true Spiritual Warrior does not take his intent and the truth lightly and to speak his truth… and he knows the truth, to be fully conscious he has to be truly free… for the right to freedom being the gift of God…[the ALL in ALL,] God being in… and emanating from everyone and everything. Gods do not pay taxes, neither do Spiritual Warriors, freemen, nor “natural persons”… only “artificial people” and corporations. This is where his personal power begins to build exponentially with each decision he makes in the name of Spirit.

In letting go of his illusions… where society is his master and money is his dream… the seasoned Spiritual warrior recognizes and applies his inalienable rights under god by choosing Spirit as his salvation. The right to freedom is the gift of God under the Magna Carta… the Charter in England in 1213. The Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms insures all natural persons are free and do not pay taxes (see the Canadian law dictionary) only artificial people.

Their allegiance is to spirit and truth, to know themselves… they have let go of the grip of society, and they will know the truth, and the truth will set them free. Artificial people are corporations created under the law and given the rights of real people. All human “doings” (referring to the CAPITALIZED name, which is given a number for easier reference on birth certificates, driver’s licenses, and other ‘official’ documents) are also artificial, compensated by the governing body of society for those who are too weak to take care of themselves, and are unconscious of who they really are.

Two thousand years ago Jesus’ disciples showed him a gold coin and said, “Caesar’s men demand taxes from us.” He said to them, “Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar, give God what belongs to God, and gives me. What is mine”?  Your unconscious or ungodly acts (your artificial person, your drivers license) belong to Caesar, your body belongs to God, (the creation of life is given by god) and your Consciousness divinely inspired belongs to Christ. All things created with consciousness of spirit, all these acts, and doings, are given the highest level of compensation and are in the realm of Christ Consciousness.

The Peaceful Warrior follows the example of all the great Spiritual warriors’’ throughout time. He knows that his spirit is immortal… he has the choice to take his body with him… if he is up to the task of conquering his body and making known the unknown in his life.  His task is great and his obstacles are many… but not as many or as great as the Spiritual Warrior and Emperor of Rome… Marcus Aurelius. He provides for us a great model that we can emulate and we end our journey here… with his words. The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius reflect mood by mood the mind of him who wrote them. In their intimacy and frankness lies their great charm. These notes are not sermons; they are not even confessions.

He states, “To serve the divine spirit which is implanted within him, a man must ‘keep himself pure from all violent passion and evil affection, from all rashness and vanity, and from all manner of discontent, either in regard of the gods or men”: or, as he says elsewhere, ‘unspotted by pleasure, undaunted by pain.’ Unwavering courtesy and consideration are his aims. ‘Whatsoever any man either does or says, thou must be good;’ ‘does any man offend? It is against himself that he does offend: why should it trouble thee?’ The offender needs pity, not wrath; those who must need correction should be treated with tact and gentleness; and one must be always ready to learn better. ‘The best kind of revenge is, not to become like them.’

That these sayings are not mere talk is  from the story of Avidius Cassius, who would have usurped his (Marcus Aurelius) imperial throne. Thus the emperor faithfully carries out his own principle, that evil must be overcome with good. For each fault in others, Nature (says he) has given us a counteracting virtue; ‘as, for example, against the unthankful, it hath given goodness and meekness, as an antidote.’

 The Spiritual Warrior finally realizes that he is free of society’s covenants and dreams and creates his own heaven on earth. When he was young, he thought everything he was told was real… he did not have the ability to question the validity of the illusions people live by in society. He did not have the ability to make an independent choice because he was too young to understand that he was not given the truth… so he now rescinds all promi ses and contracts as not legally binding. He was never given all the facts and was coerced into buying society’s dream. Now in an Analogical State of Awareness he sees clearly all the potentials available to him, speaks his truth, and lives by his Spirit. 

 The Spiritual Warrior honors his path each day by creating his day at sunrise and
greeting the first rays of the morning sun… Sungazing and does his morning  contemplation with his Analogical state of Awareness by enacting this new law of freedom from slavery “this day” and every day so that he will never forget his heart and soul, “his Spirit”. In his morning focus the Spiritual Warrior  creates, his day by focusing on what he needs to accomplish or has desired to experience each day and to make known the unknown in his life by allowing spirit to create. The Spiritual Warrior takes control of his own destiny by creating his day by starting every Morning Prayer with powerful words that empower him to achieve his goals each day, ancient words of the masters of old. He’ll state: “from the Lord God of my Being”… “I am filled with vital energy and radiant joy” … “I am healed and perfect”, “today my body became twenty years younger” and “I am abundantly filled; gold without measure”. Instead of relying on the illusions of society to take care of him, the Spiritual Warrior takes his life into his own hands and creates his own life, liberty, immortality and the pursuit of happiness.  He Consciously adds any specific information needed for each day and ends each morning and evening pra yer with “the father and I are one” – “the Kingdom of heaven is within me”…  stating  “So Be It” to all that he has proclaimed.

This means it is done… it is now law.

Read the Book, Science of Spirit an Evolution of Consciousness in an Analogical state of Mind go to… I can be reached at and

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Robert Donald Tonelli



Women and Love, Rule the mind in 2016

From the Book, “Science of Spirit”, Chapter 4…  Love and Analogical Mind

 Here is a generous selection from the profound, illuminating thoughts of the renowned visionary /priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin on love and happiness. The brief passages gathered here, culled from the extensive body of his work, make some of his finest writing available to readers who might otherwise not know where to begin. All will benefit from a first or renewed acquaintance with this author, whose remarkable, passionate lines of thought extend from earliest
prehistory to the ultimate purposes at the end of the universe and the fulfillment of time.

Teilhard de Chardin probes the innermost dynamics of love and celebrates it as “the most universal tremendous  and mysterious of the cosmic forces/ viewing the growth of our ability to love as bound up with the destiny of the universe.

Love is the most universal, the most tremendous and the most mysterious of the cosmic forces. After centuries of tentative effort, social institutions have externally dammed and channelled it. Taking advantage of this situation, the moralists have tried to submit it to rules. But in constructing their theories they have never got beyond the level of an elementary empiricism influenced by out-of-date conceptions of matter and the relics of old taboos. Socially, in science, business and public affairs, men pretend not to know it, though under the surface it is every where. Huge, ubiquitous and always unsubdued this wild force seems to have defeated all hopes of understanding and governing it. It is therefore allowed to run everywhere beneath our civilization.

In Learning about the evolution of consciousness through the Science of Spirit… Now is the time to redefine our understanding of Love, Real Love, as an unused force in the universe… A unique energy only really harnessed by women and children… a unique Analogical Awareness of life. To truly understand love we have to be able to stand under and support our reasoning and have faith in love as our philosophy of life. To begin with we can understand that Love is a deep level of compassion and empathy for self, other people and all life. It seems like people of all lifestyles are born with this ability for compassion and love… It has everything to do with how you were loved by your mother in the first few years of your life and how strong that psychic bond remained in your heart. This connection to real love… a force that created and gave birth to you… is your shield against adversity and teaches you how to respond to people yourself… in the first moments of interaction. The essence of real love [an undefined force of energy] has to be transmitted first… subduing fear when you interact with people or animals for the first time. Unconditional Love is a level of consciousness and has nothing to do with physical or monetary desires, needs or sexual attractions, which are all calculated responses of a past experience. It is impossible to have unconditional love in your heart and lie to people in the next breath. These emotions are nothing more than chemical signatures in the brain that are related to the emotional body and our experiences on earth from early childhood. Sexual attraction, physical desires and needs go hand in hand with lying to fulfill your needs. Unconditional Love is something that we bring with us [wisdom gained from many incarnations of motherly love] because they have been recorded on our soul. Real Love is felt from the heart, not the head and is the perfect way to record new experiences on the soul. From this point of view, it is understandable that most people do not know “who they are”… what they are about… why they are here or where they are going in life… without understanding the difference between their physical needs… their personality and the Unconditional Love of Spirit.

[The short answer is… Our true nature is in Spirit… it is the cosmic glue that holds our trillion + cells together… It is the personalities job to find the middle path in life… to analyze its life in society as one of the Sheeple and then analyze itself internally in the now moment asking (baaaaa…) is this all there is… waiting for an answer… As the answers and experience come from Spirit… it is the personalities job to analyze the spiritual philosophies before him have experiences and gain the wisdom in life… here the personality learns true compassion and love as an observer in spirit… surrendering it power and control over to Spirit to comm and the body… in this respect women are more evolved because they have the ability to give life… Spirit moves through the universe to and through women to men… our evolution is in the union of woman to man to unity when the two become one… Spirit].

This was and is my experience and my path in life that I took… one of reason and faith seeing both sides for what they are. So lets go back to the long answer… to set the record strait on what we are really talking about here… lets explore what can be said about spirit – Love…an unused force in the universe… if we can determine what it is and where it comes from we can understand our relationship to it… [Again we are not talking about our emotional needs or sex]. So let’s look at what we know from the book, Science of Spirit from previous chapters…

A Science of Spirit is a balance between reason and faith… science and religion… Spirit is the divine breath of Gaia, and Nature… is simply a volatile spirit, fulfilling its office in bodies and animated by the universal spirit… the universal fire… which gives life from Gaia to all things that exist.

  • This  invisible spirit is … a divine analogical consciousness… the foundation of  all life in the universe… it is from this consciousness and energy that all life and all reality is created in the beginning.
  • We understand from this beginning that consciousness and energy are
    inextricably combined…. Creating accelerating cycles and an evolution of
  • This consciousness and energy starts out on planet earth as the feminine
    principle of all life… as all life on earth is born from the female of the
  • So in talking about love we should address our highest love in life to honor
    our mothers and to all women on this planet…

But we in society especially men have to address… and atone for the obvious hatred of women in all our Religions going back 1000’s of years… in our societies… and in our businesses before
we make mockery of this divine truth… Because of what we are about to learn about the reality of divine consciousness and energy in relationship to women… from the research on the Omega Point. We as men have to heal the ignorance’s that have been propagated in our name… especially when we as men try to speaking of a divine unconditional love… by stating these truths here… from the website… researched by Catholic Priest, Miceal Ledwith
We learn of the real hatred of women down throughout the ages that are taken for granted today as our unconscious attitudes.

Here we learn from the most ancient Hindu laws of Manu  State: In childhood a female remains subject to her father. In youth a female is subject to her husband. When her lord is dead she shall be subject to her sons.” “A woman must never be independent”. In Buddhism it is believed to be born a woman is due to bad karma. The Koran regards a woman as a half man. The only place we find the first redemption of women… in the Christian Religion the fall of man from God’s grace
in due to Eve in the Garden of Eden… but it is here we find rare documents recently unearthed called, the Notovitch Scrolls of the missing years of Jesus… and here we find that he is their only redeemer. Please check it out… as it is the only place I have found on the internet besides the work of visionary French Jesuit priest, paleontologist, biologist, and philosopher, Teilhard de
Chardin. These words are a revelation in life at the end of time… the omega point and 2012.

It is only here that Christ states:

  • Listen to what I have to say to you.  Respect women, for in her we see the mother of the Universe, and all the truth of divine creation is to come through her.
  • She is the fount of everything good and beautiful, as she is also the germ of life and death. Upon her man depends in all his existence, for she is his moral and natural support in
    his labor.
  • In pain and suffering she brings you  forth, in the sweat of her brow she watches over your growth, and until her death you cause her the greatest anxieties. Bless her and adore her,
    for she is your only friend and support on earth.
  • Wives and mothers are the priceless treasures which God has given to you. They are the most beautiful ornaments of the universe, and from them will be born all who will inhabit
    the earth.
  • Therefore I say unto you, after God, to woman must belong your best thoughts, for she is the divine temple where you will most easily obtain perfect happiness. Draw from this temple your moral force. There you will forget your sorrows and your failures,
    and recover the love necessary to aid your fellow men.

It is here in the revelations of Teilhard de Chardin in the 1050’s… that we learn a great truth
as he turns the world and the Catholic Church on it head with his revolutionary ideals on truth… of evolution… the divine spark of spirit and our ultimate salvation through the love of women…

In his Book, On Love and Happiness… he states, love is “the most universal tremendous and mysterious of the cosmic forces viewing the growth of our ability to love as bound up with the destiny of the Universe… And that we are moving to “a cosmic point Omega” of total synthesis… somewhere ahead in time and space and that the world would not function if this Omega Point did not exist… Love has been called the cosmic glue that holds the universe together in consciousness and exists only in the now moment of Analogical Awareness. Love is this little known energy that is inextricably combined with consciousness… it is in the understanding this analogical Love…. That is the key to making it through or into “a cosmic point Omega” in the near future…

We are conscious of it, “this mysterious cosmic force” as Sheeple in society, but all we ask of it is to amuse us, and beg of it not to harm us. From the standpoint of spiritual evolution, is it truly possible for humanity to continue to live and grow without asking itself how much truth and energy it is losing by neglecting its incredible power of love? It seems that we can give a name and value to this strange energy of love. Can we not say quite simply that in its essence… it is the attraction exercised on each unit of Consciousness by the center of the universe in course of taking shape? It calls us to the great union, the realization of which is the only process at present taking place in nature. By this hypothesis, according to which love is the primal and universal psychic energy, does not everything become clear around us, both for our minds and our actions when we embrace it?  We can see this attraction of the (-) polarity of the female toward the (+) male by the center of the magnet… the null point that unifies all matter{ zero point or Omega Point… the place where spirit lives}.

It is in reality the universe that is pressing on, in life through woman, towards man. The whole question (the vital question for mother earth -Gaia) is that they shall recognize one another. If man fails to recognize the true nature, the true object of his love, the confusion is vast and irremediable. Bent on appeasing a passion intended for the All…[ spirit] on an object too small to satisfy it, he will strive to compensate a fundamental imbalance by materialism [Money and Power] or an ever increasing multiplicity of experiments[with drugs, weapons political and Religious dogmas for Money and Power]. His efforts will be fruitless and in the eyes of one who can see the inestimable value of the “spiritual quantum ‘ of man, as a terrible waste of and dissipation of energy.

If only man would turn and see the reality of the universe shining in the spirit and through the flesh. He would then discover the reason for what has hitherto deceived and perverted his powers of love. Woman stands before him as the lure and symbol of the world. He cannot embrace her except by himself growing, in his turn, to a world scale. And because the world is always growing and always unfinished and always ahead of us, to achieve his love man is engaged in a limitless conquest of the universe and himself. In this sense, man can only attain woman by consummating a union with the universe. Love is a sacred reserve of energy in the universe; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution.

This is the first revelation we receive from the sense of the earth from Gaia.  This is, now, as we approach the Omega point an essential role developed for love, a role of which we are seemingly only just beginning to feel the importance; I mean the necessary synthesis of the two principles, male and female, in the building of the human Spiritual personality.

In the human individual, evolution continues further towards a more perfect concentration, linked with further differentiation, also obtained by union. Woman is for man, we should say, precisely the end that is capable of releasing this forward movement to a spiritual singularity in
consciousness. Through woman and woman alone, man can escape from the isolation in which, even if perfected, he would still be in danger of being enclosed and lost forever.

Here at the same time, the rules appear which will guide us in the mastery of that terrifying energy, in which the power that causes the universe to converge on itself passes through us.

… A real nobility of passion lends wings and that is why the best test for gauging the inspiring nature of a love would be to note how decisively it develops in the direction of a greater freedom of spirit. The more spiritual the affection, the less it sucks up into itself and the stronger its impulse towards action. . . . Love stands as the threshold of another universe… beyond the vibrations that are familiar to us… to the rainbow of its merging colors constantly and vigorously extending into forever. Love is a three-term function: man, woman, and invisible Spirit [In religious terms God]. Its whole perfection and success are bound up with the harmonious balance of these three elements.

What paralyzes life is lack of faith and lack of courage and Science for Sale. We need to get back to a balance of Reason and Faith…The difficulty lies not in solving problems but in expressing them correctly; and we can now see that it is biologically undeniable that unless we harness passion to the service of spirit there can be no progress. Sooner or later, then, and in spite of all our incredulity, the world will take this step because the greater truth always prevails and the greater good emerges in the end.  

”Love one another.” Those words were pronounced two thousand years ago. But today they sound again in our ears in a very different tone. For centuries charity and fraternity could only be presented as a code of moral perfection, or perhaps as a practical method of diminishing the pains or frictions of earthly life. Now since the existence of the noosphere, [noosphere …the totality of information and human knowledge that is collectively available to people as seen on the internet] on the one hand, and the vital necessity we are under of preserving it, on the other, have been revealed to our minds, the voice which speaks takes on a more superior tone. It no longer says only: “Love one another in order to be perfect,” but adds, “Love one another or you perish.”
“Realistic” minds are welcome to smile at dreamers who speak of a humanity cemented and armored no longer with brutality but with love. They are welcome to deny that a maximum of physical power may coincide with a maximum of gentleness and goodness. Their critical skepticism cannot prevent the theory and experience of spiritual energy from combining to warn us that we have reached a decisive point in human  evolution, at which the only way forward is in the direction of a common passion, a “conspiration.” To go on putting our hopes in a social order obtained by external violence would simply mean to abandon all hope of carrying the spirit of Gaia to her limits. Now human energy, being the expression of a movement as irresistible and infallible as the universe itself, cannot possibly be prevented by any obstacle from freely reaching the natural goal of its evolution. Therefore,  despite all checks and all improbabilities, we are inevitably approaching a new age, in which the world will throw off its chains and at last give itself up to the power of its inner affinities. Either we must doubt the value of everything around us, or we must utterly believe in the possibility, and I should now add, in the inevitable consequences, of universal love.

The day will come when, after mastering the ether, the winds, the tides, gravity, we shall master the energies of love, for God. And then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have made fire his servant.

Excerpts From the Book,  “Science of Spirit”  and from the rare book, “The Evolution  of Chastity” (unpublished), by Teilhard de Chardin translated by Rene Hague.

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A New “Science of Spirit” in the World

A New “Science of Spirit” in the World

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change the small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation. It is from numerous diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest of walls of oppression and resistance.” – Senator Robert Kennedy

We collectively and consciously stand for an ideal of the “Spirit within all human beings”. We desire to act to improve the lot of others, striking out against injustice, sending out tiny ripples of hope from a million centers of energy to ultimately sweep down the walls of oppression and resistance in a greater wave of consciousness. We have here a forum to share knowledge and wisdom from around the world in the true spirit of Solon’s Republic… to discover a New Science of Spirit Alliance and a New Evolutionary Mind. 

The main purpose and intent of a “Science of Spirit” is to provide a place where open… like-minded people from all nationalities and cultures can come together in person or through the internet to learn about creating a greater awareness of life, more knowledge, better choices, and a Consciousness of Peace. It is for this reason that a “New Science of Spirit Alliance” has been created to help expand the choices, knowledge, and consciousness of all open-minded human beings of any atheistic or religious denominations worldwide. 

Creating a New Science of Spirit Alliance, means that we have a natural love and compassion for all people of every race, creed and color and all life on this planet and allow all life to just be. We do not have to like what people do to each other, but we can extend our love and compassion to all beings… that we may learn from each other’s differences and grow from those experiences. Ethical humanitarians also examine “the essence of spirit” reaching back in time to the Spiritual Ethical teaching and experiences of all the great masters, be it Buddha, Allah, Ramah or Yeshua Ben Joseph (Jesus of Nazareth) to find that this higher level of ethics and this new mind have been around for thousands of years. We investigate the works of Socrates, Apollonius of Tyana, the Stoic meditations of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and Epictetus of ancient Rome, Lau Tzu and Confucius of China and Zen of Japan… only to find that they are all the essence of an Analogical State of Awareness.

We can learn the science behind the evolution of consciousness from the greatest minds on the planet and with the wisdom gained set a new foundation upon which we can build
a scientific understanding of the movement of Spirit and apply this understanding in a non-religious, humanistic form. This is not a religion or a secret school but an alliance of people with the aim to see the Spirit in all life… creating a society for the evolution of truth and greater awareness of life. The wealth of knowledge and information on Consciousness as the source of Spirit… complied by Neurotech Research needs to be shared with others that will use it to benefit humanity and in turn pass it on to other generations as well. We are here to provide enlightening philosophy with the purpose of exploring non-violence in thoughts, speech, and actions to examine society, the environment and consciousness gaining knowledge and wisdom from each experience.

The essence of this Alliance is about an Evolution of Consciousness in an Analogical state of Mind connecting all people to the Spirit-within explaining from a new perspective, this primeval, age old battle between the “Forces of Good and Evil” at “The End of Time”. This theory explains the primeval forces of life in the context of an evolutionary Consciousness (an Analogical Mind) that is inherent in Mother Earth and all life, growing for 16.4 billion years, pitted against the stagnant human personalities who run the Engines of Commerce of our Global Society with their focus on monetary control and the destruction of nature’s ecosystems.     

This problem is not our true self but “our selfish personality” {the personaity programed by a monetary society} that supports (out of ignorance) a system of corporate sponsored government policies based on creating wars to promote peaceful commerce among member nations that agree with this premise of creating war to stimulate peace. People agree out of fear when they see that all that oppose “The War for Peace movement” are gone… And this fear stimulates growth in member economies but it is controlled by the engines of commerce… where all the money ends up in a few hands of the Global Multi-National Corporations.

This insanity (of Global monetary wealth) for the world that we all live by is but the antithesis of an Evolution of Consciousness and is a war on Consciousness and intelegence that exists outside of the materialistic monetary system of society. It is a “Consciousness of War” against humanity, a downward spiral to monetary and physical destruction of society. This low level of consciousness does not promote the evolution of “a Spiritual being having a human experience” on a small planet. However, it does the opposite causing a primordial battle between Good and Evil by limiting choices of sentient beings on an evolutionary path because of the color of their skin… their race… and their poor economic circumstances. The Evolution of Consciousness happening on this planet and in the universe… here and Now… requires all spiritual beings to evolve into a “Consciousness of Peace” connected to all life in the universe… not just ignorant humans living on a unimportant insignificant planet entering the milky Way. If we as a species do not wake up to this fact we will be left behind in the dust with the other 99% of all life who used to live on this little planet; another failed evolutionary experiment like our Neanderthal brothers as the acceleration of consciousness peeks at the Omega Point in time in our near future.

Global Change is what “A Consciousness of Peace” is all about with the purpose of exploring non-violence in thoughts speech and actions and examining our place in society and the environment gaining a great deal more compassion, knowledge, consciousness, and wisdom. This very action of exploring non-violence in thoughts speech and actions causes us to switch to a different channel to tune into a higher frequency of thought expanding our awareness and opening our mind to new unknown experiences in a new mysterious world. From the understanding of a Science of Spirit… the very idea of extending an open hand, a smile, and kindness to a stranger changes the surrounding consciousness and energy of the environment that we are in and “creates a new reality
that surrounds us and the people we are dealing with as we move through life. These bubbles begin to grow as we create random acts of kindness with no monetary value attached to it… throughout the day, and they become a “Consciousness of Love Virus” that we give to each new person we meet. We meet them with love and compassion and lend a helping hand, and they infect others in their community with their love and joyful moments helping others to make ends meet and it spreads worldwide before Corporate America can 
create an economic vaccine or kill it outright in the media with the Donald Trump Campain for President with his ignorance and vile behavior against women, natives and immigrants. 

From the beginning, French priest and paleontologist, Teilhard de Chardin noticed that humanity was moving towards an “Omega Point” which is the full descent of Spirit into Matter, the fulfillment of our evolution… as a time when light would blaze across the planet… not physical light but the “light of consciousness”. As a mirror polished to give a perfect reflection of the Sun, all those apparently separate rays of consciousness would know themselves to be the same eternal light of Spirit.  This is the true meaning of the ending of the 5125 year old Mayan Calendar having divine revelations for the chosen one’s of God… the ones that woke up to their true nature.

This is the 6000 year old essence of a Science of Spirit and an evolution of consciousness… above the human animal to a conscious peaceful sentient being having a human experience on a small planet.

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Beyond the Secret… Beyond the Power of Now… is a Science of Spirit

To learn more go to

Why are we here… alive on planet earth…trapped in a life of 9 to 5 wage slavery? Why are we sucked into this “Materialistic Paradigm” chasing after money and power as our only salvation to the never-ending rising cost of…  food… shelter… and the pursuit of Happiness?  When most of these things are beyond the grasp of a majority of the world’s population… why aren’t we conscious… of our behavior in society… as an evolving species. What is turning us into “Domesticated Sheeple”… mass consumers of toxic products for a Pharmaceutical Empire within a Military Industrial Complex that manages the sale of Sheeple.

Find the true Secret to life and the answers to these questions in…  “Science of Spirit: Lost Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth”. This understanding of a Science of Spirit as a Consciousness… shows the Divine workings of Spirit…. A divine Consciousness that we call God… on planet Earth. This interpretation has taken me 20 years to know and understand… to stand-under and truly support the conclusions that are put forth here into book form… for all the masses to see at this time in history…

From within these pages…

Ø Learn what the power of now really is… how to master the power of the moment.

Ø Learn the truth to what the Apocalypse really is…and what happens in 2012.

Ø Learn what the Omega Point really is and what a quantum singularity signifies…

Ø Learn what the universe is really made up of according to quantum physicists’ and ancient philosophers and why they agree…

Ø Learn when and where ancient masters clarified the connectedness of all life with Science and to Spirit through the understanding of world-old Teachings in a balance of Reason and Faith.

Ø Learn how… it shows that all life on planet earth and in the universe is based on an evolution of consciousness from the beginning of time and who really created the Mayan Calendar and kept the records for over 5000 years [chapter 2].

Ø Learn why it is an evolving consciousness paradigm not a money/ignorance paradigm.

Ø Learn who first taught about matter… Atoms and empty space… the answer my surprise you…  Why is “Consciousness… the very fabric that all form is made out of” to scientists… or why it is the ground of all beingness of life…to ancient philosophers…

Ø Learn how to become a Spiritual Warrior… who your real enemy is… and how to free yourself from the domestication of humans… [chapter 14]

Ø Learn and master the real ancient secrets to life from three ancient initiates from a secret school… [Chapter 16]

Ø Learn what the real potentials are… for a spiritual human being to ascend in one lifetime through modern nutrition and ancient alchemy… [chapter 17]

Ø See the truth in reading a “Science of Spirit”… after you understand the depth of this ancient philosophy… so we can all begin to agree that Consciousness and the energy that makes up matter are inextricably combined or linked, emerging in a sequence of events called “occasions of experience” that ultimately create our experiences in life and our reality.

This bold new Book, “Science of Spirit” is based on my personal experiences in life… my research of science and spirit… and my understanding of the ancient philosophy that this work comes from… It uses from my research… the philosophy and experience of other very credible people that have studied different aspects of a Science of Spirit as a philosophy to live by…

I use this eclectic approach to build an accurate model of reality based in consciousness that allows us to create our own reality once we rid ourselves of the illusions of society. This approach gives credibility to my overall viewpoint… a modern interpretation of a very old philosophy and way of life… A Science of Spirit… an acceleration of an evolution of consciousness that is now apparent in Mother Nature… that gives us the freedom to create our own reality through occasions of experiences. This philosophy or the modern version of it… was first put forth and understood by English mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead in 1927, as part of the Gifford Lectures at the University of Edinburgh… that states, consciousness and matter were inextricably combined or linked, emerging in a sequence of events that he called “occasions of experience”. In his view, the universe isn’t made of things or particles. It’s a process. It’s made up of events. His focus was on consciousness as the ground of all beingness of life and the energy that makes up matter were… in his words inextricably combined creating our experiences and our reality. The result of this evolution of consciousness is an Analogical Awareness of life living in the now moment of unlimited potentials for the growth of a new super-conscious species of humanity moving through an Omega Point in time between 2011– 2013.

A Science of Spirit… balances the new philosophy and science of Quantum Physics as an understanding of consciousness… and a very old philosophy of hermetic Alchemy 1000’s of years old.  It also uses as a foundation to consciousness, a new interpretation of the 5125 year old Mayan Calendar… that ends next year… as a historical reference point to show the Evolution of Consciousness of all species on this planet and how they all are accelerating to an Omega point in time in the year 2012.

This book goes in-depth about understanding…  What Consciousness Is! – An Analogical State of Awareness that is continuously evolving faster and faster… to the eternal Now Moment…  It uses the discovery of a new perspective of the Mayan Calendar that is supposed to end in a religious “Apocalypse at “The Omega Point” in time around 2012… as its foundational understanding of an “Evolution of Consciousness” on earth at this time.

This book is based on 10 research journals that I have compiled and edited since 1992. This philosophy and research show an Evolution of Consciousness a rising of an Analogical Awareness of life revealing a Science to the nature of Spirit… it explains from a new perspective, this battle between the “Forces of Good and Evil” at “The End of Time”. This Ancient Science of Spirit philosophy explains how the primeval forces of life [Spirit] that are inherent in Mother Earth… growing for 16.4 billion years… are pitted against the “dogmatic, stagnant, god-fearing personalities,” that runs the Engines of Commerce of our Global Society… with their focus on monetary control of the people and the planet. This is a real life battle between evolving Christ-like consciousness, of “we the people” against the “Anti-Christ Social awareness of The Multi-National Corporations. Religious dogmas’ talk about an “Apocalypse at the end of time” to help warn us of our impending doom… I will show in this book that the “lifting of a veil” is a rising of consciousness that knows no fear of the unknown… and clarifies ancient predictions of the end days and the real battle of Armageddon. This ancient “Science of Spirit” is in itself a “Lifting of a Veil”… exposing the Lost Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven showing all that is hidden from life so that we no longer have to live in ignorance and superstition with religious / political dogmas in the illusions of a capitalistic society.

I will explain in great detail the problems we are facing in the many chapters of this book… how and why it is important to live totally in the present moment in a state of Analogical Awareness. The simplicity of this wisdom is that… if we can learn to hold the analogies of contraries in a holistic state of mind… like the “Forces of Good and Evil”… we would eliminate this duality from our hearts, our minds, and our world by moving to a higher state of consciousness… in this Now moment… gaining the wisdom of every single experience. This does not mean that the external world would not still have this battle going on… just not your home or your world… in your holistic state of mind you will not attract it. The vision here is to awaken simple open minds to new philosophies… deeper realizations and a more eclectic viewpoint to encompass the paradox of modern life and create an Analogical State of Awareness so that they may pierce the veils of limited social structures that have manipulated countries around the world.  I feel that this ancient philosophy is what Christ refers to in his teaching on “Resist not Evil”… as he had an analogical awareness of all life.

To preview the significance of this acceleration of now moments, here is a summary of the interpretations of what we will discussed. To be precise, what it may be like at the end of our unconsciousness,  ignorance and superstition… the end of our 9 to five linear time after Oct. 2011, for those that do wake and stop Armageddon’s… self-fulfilling religious prophesy. This is the proposed plan as seen 5125 years ago by brilliant beings of that time whose science rivaled our science of the 21st century… This science I feel allows for a wakening of souls over a period of time so it is not a specific day “of do or die” and it is not the end of the world… Unless Christians and Muslims chose to end the world for everyone else because they cannot agree on whose dogma is better, and they nuke the world out of spite.

Ian Lungold / Carl Calleman: From the Mayan Calendar, Ian Lungold observed, “This pattern of seven days and six nights (1cycle) does have an acceleration built into it. Each cycle of Creation contains the same amount of advancement and change but each successive cycle runs 20 times faster as it moves up the pyramid of consciousness of nine levels. The same amount of change (novel events) that happened in 1.26 billion years of the Cellular Cycle now occurs in 360 days in our current Galactic cycle and by Feb.10. 2011, will occur in 20 days in the Universal cycle.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in the 1940’s described the acceleration of human development from the beginning while exploring the evolutionary trends towards greater complexity, connectivity, and consciousness. De Chardin noticed that humanity was moving towards an “Omega Point” which is the full descent of spirit into matter, the fulfillment of our evolution… as a time when light would blaze across the planet… not physical light but the “light of consciousness”. Like a mirror polished to give a perfect reflection of the Sun. All those apparently separate rays of consciousness would know themselves to be the same eternal light.

Terrence McKenna from his book “Timewave Zero” stated, due to “the acceleration of novelty’s ingression, about half of the total evolution of our 16-plus-billion-year old universe will occur in the last 0.3 seconds before 6:00 am on 21/12/2012!”. If we take the formation of the cosmos, the rise of life, or the discovery of language as examples of key ‘barriers’ for which universal evolution passes through, McKenna’s calculations show us… thirteen such barriers will be passed in the last 0.0075 seconds!!

Peter Russell, from his book and video “The Global Brain”, has stated, “We could be on the threshold of an evolutionary climax far more profound than most of us have ever dared imagine. Could it be that, in much the same way as the destiny of matter in a sufficiently massive star is to become a black hole in space, the destiny of a self-conscious species… should it be effectively intelligent… is destined to become a ‘spiritual supernova’?’ Is this what we are accelerating towards… a moment when the light of inner awakening radiates throughout the world… a ‘White Hole in Time’?”

Peter Russell, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Terrence McKenna all describe the Evolution of Consciousness as a race to the Omega Point in time, which verifies and makes the work of Dr. Calleman, Ian Lungold and the timing of consciousness even more powerful.  At this late stage of the game, I ponder about the question that Peter Russell asked over 10 years ago: “Will humanity make that shift? Only time will tell. However, it would be a pity to have struggled so hard and come so far, and then miss what could be our crowning glory.”

According to Stephen Hawking, one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists since Einstein, “clearly the present exponential growth cannot continue indefinitely”. “One possibility is that we will wipe ourselves out completely by some disaster, such as a nuclear war”. However, Stephen is an optimist and does not believe the human race has come so far just to snuff itself out when things are getting interesting. He does concede that in the last two hundred years, population growth has become exponential; electricity consumption and the number of scientific articles also show exponential growth. Further, more there is no sign that scientific and technological developments will slow down or stop in the near future. If you stacked all the new books at the rate, they were being published next to each other you would have to move at ninety miles an hour just to keep up with the end of the line.

After a great deal of time studying the philosophy, the theories and contemplation on the results of the research… you will have to agree that life is speeding up, technology is expanding exponentially, and that we have to deal with events that are accelerating to happen in shorter and shorter periods. Now, If you can accept this idea with an open mind… as a basic precept of life of the ancient wisdom of an Analogical Awareness of Nature… we will begin to experience an infinite amount of novel events” in a finite period of time… soon, because we are connected to spirit which is creating an Evolution of Consciousness in all life on this planet.”

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